Living in the Philippines

Retirement - Residence Visa for the Philippines (SRRV)

Another way to get a permanent residence visa for the Philippines, is the Retirement Visa or SRRV Visa. This Visa does not depend on whether you are married to a Filipino citizen or not, like the 13A Visa but it is based on a money deposit in a accredited philippine bank.

  • The Philippines advertise this kind of visa with some advantages such as:
  • Exemption from Customs Duties & Taxes for the importation of personal effects of up to 7000 US$,
  • Exemption from Travel Tax, if your stay in the Philippines is no longer than 1 year,
  • Exemption from the Immigration Exit Clearance and Re-Entry Permits,
  • Exemption from the Immigration I Card/annual registration requirement and
  • Exemption from securing special study permit or study visa for child/children.

Please note that the application for this visa is a very complicated and time consuming process. Don't give up!

There are basically four groups of people who may apply for the SRRV Visa:

  • SRRV Classic:
    • 35 -49 years old: 50,000 US$ Deposit
    • over 50 years old without pension: 20,000 US$ Deposit
    • over 50 years old with pension: 10,000 US$ Deposit. The pension must be at least 800 US$ for a single or 1000 US$ for married couples.
    • The deposit for SRRV Classic is convertible into an investment of at least 50,000 US$
  • SRRV Smile
    • 35 Years and older: 20,000 US$ Deposit
    • Deposit is not convertible into an investment and must be locked in the bank
    • The Deposit may be withdrawn when the SRRV Visa is canceled.
  • SRRV Courtesy:
    • 35 years and above and a former Filipino citizen
    • 50 years and above for Ambassadors & retired Diplomats: (1500 US$ Deposit)
  • SRRV Human Touch
    • 35 years and above: 10,000 US$ Deposit plus
    • pre-existing medical condition that requires medical or clinical care services
    • a pension remitted to the Philippines of at least 1500 US$

The Application Fees are the same for all 4 groups: 1400 US$ for the principal and 300 US$ for each spouse or child. This is a one time payment.

An annual PRA Fee of 360 US$ for the principal with up to two dependants. (Only 10 US$ for SRRV Courtesy) must be paid upon enrollment and every year thereafter.

Required Documents:

  • Duly accomplished SRRV application form
  • Original Passport with valid Entry Visa
  • Medical Examination Clearance
  • Police Clearance from the Country of origin
  • NBI Clearance (National Bureau of Investigation)
  • 12 ID pictures 2" x 2"
  • Additional roof of relationship of spouse and child
  • Former Filipinos only: NSO authenticated birth certificate
  • Ambassadors/Diplomats: Certificate of employment