Living in the Philippines

Getting your Driver's License in the Philippines

After Philippine law, foreigners can drive for up to three month with their International Driver's License from abroad in the Philippines. If you stay longer, you should get a local driver's license from the Philippines.

To get a Philippine Driver's License, you have two choices: You can convert your valid foreign license into a Philippine one or you could make a new one.

If you decide to make a new one, bring the following papers to your local LTO (Land Transport Office):

  • Duly accomplished Application for Driver's License
  • Passport and copy of it
  • original ACR (Alien Certificate of Registration) & copy of it. (available at Immigration Office)
  • Permit (VISA & stamp) to stay in the country for at least five months and has already stayed in the country for at least one month
  • Medical certificate
  • Negative Drug Test result (Drug Test and medical can usually be done at some units near the LTO)
  • Make sure to dress in long pants, shirt & shoes when you go to the LTO or Immigration office. No slippers, short pants and T-Shirt!

You will first receive a Student license which you may upgrade to a "Non Professional License" after at least one month. The total cost for all fees and charges is about 350 Peso!

If you decide to convert your foreign license, you will also need the same papers as above plus the original & a copy of your foreign license. If your license in not written in English, it must be translated by the embassy or consular offices.