Living In The Philippines
Living in the Philippines

Internet & DSL In The Philippines

I can't imagine to live in the Philippines without the Internet. Luckily, Internet access via DSL is available on most islands in the Philippines, may it be over the good old Telephone Land line, direct cable or wireless (LTE) over the mobile towers.

If you stay on a very remote island however, you may experience some speed problems, in fact you will have to test which provider (Globe or SMART) serves you best.

You may also have access to the Internet by a satellite dish but the cost for that is about 15,000 Peso a month.

If it comes to prices, this are the packages currently available at Globe Telecom (Aug. 2017):

Service Speed
Data Package
Set up Fee
Monthly Fee
5 Mbit
300 GB
10 Mbit
400 GB
10 Mbit
600 GB

Mobile Internet (You can Use your smartphone with a Globe SIM Card as a Hotspot):

  • P 10,- "GO SURF 10" good for 1 day (40 MB)
  • P 50,- "GOSURF 50" good for 3 days (350 MB)
  • P 299,- "GOSURF 299" good for 30 days (1,5 GB)
  • P1799,- "GOSURF 1799" good for 30 days (10 GB)
  • other plans between and above are also available

Globes competitor SMART offers wireless Internet only (by SIM Card) and has similar packages as Globe at similar prices. If you want to use mobile internet you need to check at your house which provider has the best signal.

If you want to rent a house or a flat in the Philippines and you are depending on an Internet connection, ask at the local provider about what is available in that area. But be carefull: Even if land line and DSL is available in general, it does not mean that they will also have an free access point available at that particular place.