Living in the Philippines

Moving to the Philippines

If you look at some people's postings in some forums in the Internet, who want to move to the Philippines, you may think they are a little crazy. It seems that they want to move to the Philippines, without ever having been here before and without knowing the people and the lifestyle in the Philippines.

By thinking this way, they also try to organize their long term stay in the Philippines like a short term holiday: They search all over the Internet to find a place like a house or apartment for rent in the Philippines (or even to buy).

They organize a container or two, to bring their whole household including car, motorbike or what ever they own with them to the Philippines.

Well, if you are moving to the Philippines, you certainly have to change your way of thinking. You have to wash your brain and start from scratch.

When you plan to move to the Philippines you should...

Have been there before to check out the people and lifestyle and see if you actually like it and if you can live with it. Living in the Philippines is not the same as living in any western country!

Find a house by yourself by driving around at the desired location and watch out for some signs saying: "For Rent" or "For Sale", what ever you prefer.

Do not waste your money by bringing all your household in a container. Just send the most important stuff in a Balik Bayan Box and sell the rest to your friends at home or at Ebay! You can buy almost everything in the Philippines for a much lower price than at home.

Some goods you want to bring might not be suitable for the Philippines and won't even work there, like a TV (NTSC in PH), some electric tools , a washing machine and alike due to their technical behavior.( 220-240V, 60 Hz in the Philippines)

Read about the technical specialties in the Philippines on on this site (coming soon)

Do not believe everything people tell you in some forums.