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Airlines in the Philippines

If you book a ticket to the Philippines, you will most likely end up at Manila Airport as the final destination for the flight. But to get to your final destination within the Philippines, you'll probably need a domestic flight with an airline from the Philippines.

It seems that there are a lot of people who never heard of any of the airlines in the Philippines and where they can book the flights.

Philippine Airlines A320 am alten Tagbilaran Airport auf Bohol
An Airbus A320 of Philippine Airlines at the old Tagbilaran Airport, Bohol

Philippine Airlines (PAL)

is the national airline of the Philippines. Flights are offered to almost all airports in the country and to international destinations in Asia, the Gulf States and the United States. There used to be flights to Europe too, but they were canceled since the insolvency of the airlines in 1998 due to rationalization measures.

Prices for flights within the Philippines were largely adapted from the other low cost carriers in the country. Those who book early, can get a ticket from Manila to Cebu for about 20 US$. Philippine Airline starts in Manila at Terminal 2! Website


PAL Express (former AirPhilExpress & Air Philippines) the successor company of Air Philippines and is now a subsidiary of Philippine Airlines. The Airline operates a young fleet of the Airbus A320 family and serves at the most important airports in the Philippines.

International destinations by now are only Singapore and Hongkong but that will increase as soon as they get new planes in their fleet. Prices for domestic flights are often very cheap if you book early. AirPhil Express operates in Manila from Terminal 2!

Cebu Pacific Air

has declared itself a Low Cost Carrier a few years ago, sold all it's ancient aircraft (DC9) and now flies with a new and modern fleet of the Airbus A320 family and ATR 72 to almost all airports in the Philippines and the most important destinations in Asia (Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur and even China.).

The prices for the flights can certainly be described as cheap but sometimes the airline makes some negative headlines when they cancel flights and doesn't care about their stranded passengers. Cebu Pacific starts in Manila from Terminal 3! Website

Cebu Pacific Airbus A319 at Boracay Airport
Airbus A319 der Cebu Pacific Airline at Boracay Airport, Philippines (2017)

Air Asia Philippines

Air Asia Philippines is just another sister company of Air Asia Maysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Flies to all important Airports in the Philippines and in Asian Region. Operates in Manila from Terminal 4 (old domestic terminal).

Air Asia Philippines A320 at the old Bohol Airport
An Airbus A320 of Air Asia Philippines at the old Tagbilaran Airport, Philippines (2017)

The international network of Air Asia Philippines with flights to and from the Philippines will increase as more new planes arriving. Air Asia has also taken over the domestic network and some planes of former Zest Air. You might see the name "Air Asia/Zest" at some places.