Living in the Philippines

Cable & Satellite TV In The Philippines

If you stay in the Philippines, you don't need to miss your favorite TV channels. Cable TV is available in most places and on most islands in the Philippines. If a cable in not available, you can still subscribe to the Cignal or Dream Satellite TV, which costs just a little more than a cable connection.

The monthly charge for Cable TV is about 350,- Peso. The channels you can receive depends on the provider at your place. In Bohol we now have 44 channels, including stuff like HBO, Cinemax, Star Movies, Disney Channel, National Geographics, Discovery Channel, CNN, Star Sports, ESPN, DWTV and of course, at least five or six different Filipino Channels.

If you subscribe to the large package of Cignal or Dream Satellite (Dream Star), you will also have about 30 different channels available. That includes again at least 4 local channels and the most important movie, sports and other channels.

Another option is to buy your own satellite dish (at least Ø 2m) and point it to AsiaSat at 100.5° and receive about 100 free channel plus at least another hundred encrypted ones. The bad news here is, that there is a lot of useless stuff from China, Japan or India included which leaves only a very few useful channels left.

The best option and also the cheapest is still the Cable TV.